Publishing with WrightsHands

What to Expect from Wrightshands

Our Unique Methodology

1. Author’s Purpose

The daunting task of an author is to find a company and representative that will invest and commit to your vision of work. Our first priority after is confirming your ideals and vision align with our company. We determine the ultimate outcome and develop a plan to achieve your overall purpose.

2. Manuscript Review

Once your manuscript is accepted, the next steps are the most invasive. WrightsHands Publishing will take your work through our editing process. Staff will read through your work carefully to ensure there are no impending problems. We look at each level of the editing process from the eyes of the reader and the audience they represent. Our editors will never change your words, only make suggestions on improving verbiage and grammatical flow. This is all an enhancement of your work.

3. Cover and Interior Concept Review

At Wrightshands Publishing, we want to be sure you are proud of the finished book. Each Author selects a graphic designer and works directly with the resource to hand design the cover. Every cover is unique and we want to capture a holistic view of the cover and content. If necessary we can create samples for you to view and your approval is needed to go to the next step. Prior to release a copy proof is provided to the author. The interior design as well as the cover will be reviewed and agreed upon prior to mass printing and distribution. Wrightshands partners with Ingram distributors to make your book readily available and worldwide. Our process makes your book available via e-book and printed formats.

4. Distribution

WrightsHands is a multifaceted publisher. Should your work be accepted, Wrightshands is entering into a partnership with you, the author and contributors. We are providing our expertise and time, professional reputation, and our worldwide reach marketing. In turn, we expect the author to dedicate their time, talent and energy to each project so that it will be a successful venture for all parties involved.