About Wrightshands Publishing

We know that publishing can be a stressful accomplishment to surpass. At Wrightshands Publishing, we understand that you don’t want to muddle through the process of publishing your book. Wrightshands Publishing will incorporate our unique and copyrighted methodology to help authors get their work in the public eye. We go from the inception of the manuscript to the final printed layout using in both online and retail stores. We work to get the work placed within major retail chains as well as small book stores. Our process is confirm by other authors and publishers within the industry.

We have streamlined the process. Our professional team of creative project managers, editors, graphic designers, printers, and distributors turn your words into the specialized, quality book you deserve.

Our process, starts with the confirmation of the authors purpose, then on the manuscript review, cover and interior concepts, and finally the distribution. We carefully walk with you through each of these steps. To find out more, go to our Publishing with Wrightshands page now!