Meet Our Newest Author

Ms. Lana Perry, M.AG., C.G..


Lana Perry; seen by most as an ambitious, results oriented, young woman with a heartwarming smile, has a Master’s degree in gerontology from the University of Southern California and is an up and coming leader in the gerontology industry. Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, she was the youngest of three sisters, with parents in the education and railroad industries. Lana has always been intrigued by the lives of older adults and would often hear others mention her spirit as one who “had been here before”. Helping others has always been her life’s journey. Before thinking of herself, she’s always seeking, “What can I do for you?” That nurturing attitude ultimately led her to a place of heartache when she discovered outside forces could prevent her from assisting her grandmother in her time of need. In many instances she was left unaware of what the next steps should be in caregiving and even how to find the proper information to assist her in doing so. After realizing she couldn’t assist her grandmother in every way possible, she was determined to have her put in a place that could consistently care for her just as Lana would have.

During Lana’s attendance at the University of Toledo, she created an Outreach program for CVS/Caremark that delivered prescriptions to handicapped men and women. Within one year, her program grew to serve five states and grossed over 100-million dollars. After graduation, she departed Cleveland, Ohio for Kansas City, Missouri to become a project manager for a healthcare IT Company. That move fueled her passion. She began to see there were more than just respite care residents that needed help, so she went back to school to continue her education focusing on the elderly. It was then that she decided to take on her lifelong dream of writing a how-to book explaining the various steps of eldercare and how one could properly prepare for a smooth transition into the glorious latter years of life. She wanted no one to endure what she and her family did during their grandmother’s end of life.

Today, Lana has created a company called Wrightshands to provide a platform for all gerontology specialists to practice and perform their craft. She plans to build elder facilities of all divisions around the world helping one elder at a time. In a perfect world, Lana sees every older person having someone to call on when in need. She currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri.